Our funding sources include:

  • State FEFP Funding
  • State Capitol Outlay Funding
  • Donations
  • Fundraising
  • Various Grants and Mini-Grants

Expressions has continued to successfully meet the financial challenges associated with a growing school; challenges such as remodeling, curriculum acquisition, and trying to offer competitive staff salaries and benefits. Initially, we benefited from first and second year federal Start-Up grants, as well as state funds. Parents and other community members supported our fundraising efforts to ensure that we could provide the extras needed to present an arts enhanced curriculum.

We use the services of a CPA to file our corporate reports, balance our accounts, compile and submit monthly reports to our district, and to prepare our records for the yearly independent financial audit. Both our CPA and the auditor have many other charter schools as clients, so they understand our unique position among public schools.

2013-Financial Statement

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2015-Financial Statement

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