Grievance Procedures for Students and Parents/Guardians

Level I – Informal Discussion: The parent/guardian or student should discuss the problem with the person they believe is responsible for the problem or unfair treatment. The discussion should occur within five (5) school days of the time of the incident.

Level II – School Principal: If the grievance has not been resolved at the informal level, the parent/guardian or student should put the problem in writing and submit it to the school principal within five (5) days of the Level I discussion. The principal will schedule a conference to resolve the issue.

Level III – Board of Directors: If the matter has not been resolved at Level II, the student and/or parent/guardian may, within five (5) days after the principal conference, submit the written statement of the problem to the Expressions Board of Directors, who will review the grievance and respond in writing. If the grievance concerns the School Board of Alachua County, contact them at 352-955-7300.