Copies of our School Charter, Policies and Procedures, Corporation By-Laws, and Code of Conduct can be viewed in the school office.

Expressions Learning Arts Academy is sponsored School Board of Alachua County. Our operation is overseen by the school board and by the Florida Department of Education. We are monitored by the school board yearly using uniform monitoring instruments. Areas which are covered during the inspection include:

  • Curriculum
  • Governance
  • Facilities
  • Personnel
  • Information Resources
  • Student Support Services
  • Special Education
  • Finance
  • Insurance

As a non-profit corporation, we are governed by an advisory Board of Directors. Our by-laws and policies state that there be at least four and no more than seven Board members, with any number of committees. In addition, our policies state that the director of the school be a permanent member of the Board. It is also stated that the head of the school parent organization will be a board member.

Other Board members consist of individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, or experience needed by our organization, and who have an interest in public education. Currently, in addition to our director and parent representative, our Board consists of a CPA, a teacher, a university professor of education, a community artist, and a charter school professional.

One of the ways in which our Board members are informed of activities at our school is by e-mails of our monthly school newsletter. We share our knowledge of new legislation and its implications with the Board at our public meetings.