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Who We Are

Expressions Learning Arts Academy is a public elementary charter school operating under the governance of the State of Florida and the School Board of Alachua County in Gainesville, Florida, USA. This school was created to provide a program of academic excellence enhanced by the arts. Our program utilizes the skills acquired in artistic modalities to refine cognitive ability and promote the acquisition of self discipline.

At Expressions, we promote academic achievement by incorporating the arts, particularly the performing arts, into the basic curriculum outlined by the Florida Sunshine State Standards. While we are able to infuse art into every subject offered, a typical daily schedule focuses on vigorous academic components in the morning, and the rotating arts components of music, drama, dance and visual arts in the afternoon. We believe that these daily art activities are essential in order to enhance the development of skills needed to excel academically. Our methods have a positive effect on the achievement of all children, regardless of their initial skill level, talent, abilities, or previous exposure to the arts.

Expressions is a not-for-profit corporation with 501C-3 status.

We would like to thank the Florida Department of Education, and the School Board of Alachua County for their support. We especially thank our faculty, staff, families, friends, and our WONDERFUL students for believing in us and working with us to make learning exciting, successful, creative and fun!

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Expressions Learning Arts Academy is to create and sustain an educational environment where an emphasis on academic excellence is complimented by the ongoing infusion and incorporation of the arts for elementary students.

Through a curriculum that includes greater exposure and experience in the arts, our program expands on the educational benefits the arts provide our children, including increased communication skills, enhanced self esteem, and positive outlets for self expression. We foster these benefits to promote high achievement.

While maintaining a strong academic focus, our school provides students with greater exposure and participation in art activities due to our small class size, expanded curriculum, and the use of professional local artists to supplement our teaching staff. This expanded and enhanced curriculum is provided to all our students, not just those in special programs.

Parents are committed to a high level of participation in their child's learning experience. Our program has the added benefit of supporting the arts in our community by fostering their appreciation by our students and their families. We encourage community interest and participation in our program.