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Art in Our Curriculum

Expressions offers a diverse range of artistic experiences for our students.  At a time when other schools need to curtail enrichment opportunities in order to focus on standardized test skills, we continue to provide arts enhanced curriculum.  This is possible due to our dedicated professional staff, small class size, and support from our parents, students, and community. Our students have consistently scored well on standardized tests. We have been able to successfully correlate our art activities to the Sunshine State Standards, especially in  the performing arts areas of dance, music and drama.

Our staff members have observed many positive effects from this inclusion of the performing arts in our curriculum. These effects include improved focus and perseverance in accomplishing goals. We have also seen an increase of collaborative skills, empathy, and cooperation in our students.  Music and dance strengthen memory, coordination, and spatial awareness. Skills developed in drama class also increase memory, reading, and language arts abilities.  The arts compliment social studies when considered in regional context, style and time periods.

While we are able to infuse art into every subject offered, a typical daily schedule focuses on vigorous academic components in the morning, and the rotating arts components of music, drama, and dance in the afternoon. We believe that these daily art activities are essential in order to enhance the development of skills needed to excel academically.  Our methods have a positive effect on the achievement of all children, regardless of their initial skill level, talent, abilities, or previous exposure to the arts.

Examples of Core Curriculum Infusion - In the curriculum guides created for our 2003-03 "Best Practices" Dissemination Grant, our teachers have presented units in a variety of subjects and grade levels.  These units have all been used in the classroom and are referenced to the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

Examples of Arts Enhanced Curriculum Units

Infusing the Arts into Science Juniper DiGiovanni
Teaching Elementary Language Arts: A Dramatic Approach Scot Davis